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About Us
Our Facility is state-of-the-art. You will find our waiting room warm and welcoming. We have designed the waiting area around adults to provide comfort for parents who bring their children.Interior Photos
There is a small area for toddlers and a separate area for kids to play Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii. We have a dedicated brushing area for the patients to brush prior to treatment. The main clinic area is open for parents to accompany their children, making it easy to interact with the staff and the treatment process. We also have private rooms where exams are conducted and adult treatment can occur. Our scheduling and charting is all done through a computer network. We are essentially paperless. Dr. Kast’s has a private office for treatment consultations and there is a separate office for discussing finances with our financial coordinator. There is also an in-house lab which allows us to do our appliances quickly.

The office also serves for educational seminars. There is a large lunch room which doubles as a conference room. There is a loft space overlooking the clinic where several groups have had meetings. We are proud of the environment we have created. Our facility allows for efficient quality based care in a very pleasant environment.

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