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We like to think of orthodontics as both an art and a science.

Esthetic & Functional Benefits of Orthodontics

Artistically, we look at the facial components as well as the teeth. If the upper or lower jaw is forward or back, we make attempts to influence growth to make it more harmonious. If the face is too long or too short, we can discuss options to address facial height and make things more balanced. We plan the proper framing of the smile by the lips. We pay attention to the angles which teeth are tipped, forward, back, left or right. The most appreciated benefit is most often the changes with appearance. Dr. Kast is well suited to deliver beautiful results. He has a very artistic background. His Masters thesis centered around the perception of facial esthetics of patients and dentists. The thesis was centered on defining beauty scientifically.

Scientifically, there are measures of harmony and balance which lead to great esthetics. Likewise, we must also be cognizant regarding the function and make attempts to place teeth in the most scientifically sound functional position. This involves making certain the front teeth meet and overlap properly to protect the back teeth as you move the jaws left, right, forward and back. The amount of overlap is dependant upon the angle of the jaw joint and the shape of the back teeth. The back teeth are the workhorses for chewing. They should fit together with the precision of a gear. Ideally the back teeth would contact evenly upon chewing, then quickly separate upon moving forward, left or right.

As the orthodontist, we need to balance the principals of esthetics and function. It is not uncommon where decisions need to be made which compromise function for the sake of esthetics or compromise esthetics for the sake of function. These decisions are best made with communication and cooperation between the orthodontist and the patient. Likewise, there is a balance between art and science. All artistic intentions must weigh the scientific risks vs. the benefits. We do our best to optimize the balance between esthetics and function with an artful eye regarding the esthetics while achieving proper function. Science plays a large role in both our esthetic and functional decisions.

After orthodontic treatment in our practice you can expect the following benefits:
• A more beautiful smile
• Healthier teeth, bone and gums
• A strong and balanced bite
• Improved facial appearance
• Greater self-esteem

Orthodontic treatment can benefit social and career success as well as improve one’s general attitude toward life. We are confident our efforts will be well appreciated and well worth the time and expense.


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At Kast Orthodontics we strive to exceed expectations while providing excellent results using state of the art technology and equipment. “It’s more than a smile” is our motto.


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