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Our Facility is state-of-the-art.

You will find our waiting room warm and welcoming. We have designed the waiting area around adults to provide comfort for parents who bring their children. Interior Photos 2
There is a small area for toddlers and a separate area for kids to play Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii. We have a dedicated brushing area for the patients to brush prior to treatment. The main clinic area is open for parents to accompany their children, making it easy to interact with the staff and the treatment process. We also have private rooms where exams are conducted and adult treatment can occur. Our scheduling and charting is all done through a computer network. We are essentially paperless.

Dr. Kast has a private office for treatment consultations and there is a separate office for discussing finances with our financial coordinator. There is also an in-house lab which allows us to do our appliances quickly.

The office also serves for educational seminars. There is a large lunch room which doubles as a conference room. There is a loft space overlooking the clinic where several groups have had meetings. We are proud of the environment we have created. Our facility allows for efficient quality based care in a very pleasant environment.


"I have been very surprised and pleased by my experience with Invisalign. I have to talk all day, every day in my line of work, and I was concerned about speech problems, pain, etc. I also was set on finding a way to straighten my teeth without anyone knowing. Invisalign solved all these problems. I am about halfway through the process. Most of the time, I forget they are even in. There is very little pain besides occasional tenderness; I haven't even needed to take pain relievers thus far. No one can tell I have anything in my mouth; they are shocked when I tell them I have them in!There was only mild adjustment needed to get used to the trays being in place at first. Best of all, they have made a DRASTIC difference in my smile. I am getting compliments on my smile quite often, and this is with the Invisalign in! They don't show up in pictures either. I recommended them to a friend who now echoes my experiences. I definitely recommend this method as an option for people with similar needs to my own."

- Laura Braaten

"I have four children that have had or are currently having orthodontic work done by Dr. Kast. Two of my sons have finished with their braces and are very happy with the results.  Both their general dentist and oral surgeon commented on what an excellent job was done on straightening their teeth. We like the office atmosphere, which is very comfortable and caring. I especially appreciate how the staff tries to accommodate your needs when scheduling appointments with multiple children. My children and I highly recommend Dr. Kast and his staff."

- Mary Walsh

"We are always happy to recommend Dr. Kast to others. He and his staff are friendly, professional and really easy to work with. Both our kids have been patients of his, and neither one has ever minded going to the orthodontist. In fact, they actually like to go because they think the staff is so nice and his new office is awesome.

- Mindy and Bill Wills

"Dr. Kast's office made that task of finding an Orthodontist for my then 7 and 11 year old a very easy one. Two years ago I was on the search for a doctor, after already having consultations with three other orthodontists, I decided on Dr. Kast. Dr. Kast made me feel comfortable and knowledgeable with his opinion on when to start treatment and the step by step process of continued care. After visiting other offices and speaking with other doctors, I cannot speak highly enough of my decision to choose Dr. Kast and his friendly staff with the care of my children and their smiles. I also appreciate that appointments are always on time so I can move on with the rest of my day."

- Jill Orr

“Dr. Kast and the staff at Kast Orthodontics are very friendly. My teeth look so much better and my braces are still on! Since I'm in high school, it's nice to have short appointments after school so I don't have to miss my classes. I really like the new building, it has a warm environment and is very efficient.”

- Michelle Doyle

"About to turn 50 years of age, I was very apprehensive in regards to the procedure and possible discomfort. I have a sales position and elected the clear braces on top. My only regret is that I did not do it 40 years sooner; but then I would have missed the wonderful experience of Dr. Kast and his staff. I will miss seeing the staff monthly."

- Diane L Burden

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